Propane GeneratorYou probably don't want to think about it yet, but winter is just around the corner. That means snow and ice storms and the power outages that sometimes come with them.

Thankfully, a generator can help you prepare for a power outage. And a propane-powered one has added benefits you won't find with generators powered by gasoline or other fuels.

Here's why propane is a better choice to fuel your generator:

Works in cold temperatures. Because propane is stored in a very cold state, it won't thicken or freeze in even the coldest weather.

Won't Expire. You never know when you'll need your generator. So it makes sense to always have your fuel on hand. If you store it correctly, you can keep propane practically forever. You won't have to run out and get gasoline when a storm rolls in.

When it comes to generators, you have two options: portable and standby. Portable generators are smaller and work for a shorter period of time, but can be useful for shorter outages. Unlike standby generators, you'll need to start portable ones yourself. If you're buying a portable generator, look for one with enough outlets to plug in everything you'll need to power.

A standby generator is larger and installed permanently on your property. It can run for much longer than a portable model and will automatically kick on or off when the power goes out. When buying a standby generator, look for a quiet-run model that's rugged enough to withstand tough weather.

The Propane Education and Resource Council is currently offering incentives when you buy certain generators. Find more information here.

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