Ford f 150 copyGood news Ford fans! You can now own a pickup that runs on propane!

Ford recently announced its 2016 F-150 will come with a gasoline fuel-prep options, allowing it to run on natural gas or propane. This makes it the first light-duty pickup capable of running on such fuels. The move was in response to customer demand for greener energy options.

So, what makes propane a good choice to fuel your ride?

You’ll save money
Propane can save you up to a dollar a gallon per gasoline. That savings can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars of year if you drive a lot.

You’ll help the environment
You already know propane is environmentally friendly. By driving a propane-powered car, you’ll cut down on harmful CO2. You can finally rest assured that your ride isn’t hurting the environment.

You’ll keep your dollars at home
Propane is produced in the U.S.A. So depending on it to fuel your vehicle means you’re not sending money overseas, and won’t be at the mercy of politically unstable regions.

Learn more about propane by keeping up with the Lakes Gas Blog.

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