Heating Outdoor Living SpaceIt may be October, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the outdoors. Here are some ways you can have backyard fun well into fall.

Propane Heaters
Propane heaters are easy to use, portable, and can keep your outdoor area toasty. No need to hide inside because of a little chill. And since propane heaters require ventilation, outdoors is the perfect place to use them.

Propane Fire Pits
Tired of shifting seats to avoid the billows of smoke that come from a bonfire? Propane fire pits produce less smoke, so you don’t need to play musical chairs. They’re also safer to light than traditional wood-burning fire pits.

Propane Pool Heaters
If you really want to show Mother Nature who’s boss, do it with a heated pool. What says “I’ll do what I want” more than enjoying an outdoor pool during a chilly November? Plus, the tanks are portable and heat the water quickly, so you can take the plunge at a moment’s notice.

Want to find out other ways to use propane? Contact Lakes Gas.

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