Propane Delivery Lakes Gas MinnesotaIf you’re new to propane, you may not know that most deliveries may take place when you’re not home. It’s a pretty hands-off process for you, and it’s nice to come home to a full propane tank and one less thing to worry about.

But for your first delivery, you’ll need to be home to meet the delivery truck driver. He’ll need to know a few things about your property to avoid damage and make the delivery as smooth as possible
Here’s what you’ll need to tell him.

Where Your Septic Tank Is
Keep in mind that a propane delivery bobtail is much larger and heavier than a normal delivery truck. That means it can break your septic tank and lid if it runs over it, so it’s important that you point it out to the driver his first time on your property.

Where Your Sprinkler System Is
Big trucks and sprinkler systems mix about as well as big trucks and septic tanks. So show your driver where yours is so he can avoid damaging it.

What Else to Avoid
Keep in mind that some deliveries may be made at night. So point out low-hanging power lines, or any other obstacles that might hinder delivery. A little preparation now can save a lot of headache later.

Other Questions
This is also a great time to find out how your tank works, how to tell if you need a refill, and to ask any other questions you may have.
Got more questions? Contact Lakes Gas.

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