It’s starting to get really cold out there.

And if it’s your first winter with propane, you may not know what to expect. Obviously, you’ll use more propane in the winter to keep your home comfortable, but how much more can you expect to use?

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To understand usage, first you have to understand capacity. Let’s say you’re running all your propane appliances at their highest levels all day long. You’re at 100 percent capacity. You’re also probably sweating bullets. That’s one warm house.

Now, obviously, hardly anyone will use all their appliances at their highest settings all day. So the percent you use is the percent of your capacity you’re using. You might have the heat on low and have a chicken in the oven for an hour, then take a hot bath and do a couple loads of laundry with water warmed by your propane water heater. Let’s call this 50 percent of your capacity. If this is an average day for you, you’re regularly using about 39.6 gallons of propane over an 18-hour day, or 277 gallons a week. Compare that to about 7.2 gallons over 6 hours a day in the summer, which comes out to about 21 gallons over the same 18 hours. Still far less than the 39 gallons you’re using in the winter.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to calculate your estimated propane usage in the winter and summer, check out the Propane 101 article.

And if this is far too confusing for you, don’t worry, your Lakes Gas representative will help you estimate the amount of propane you’ll use based on your home size, number of appliances and the number of people in your home.

For help, contact Lakes Gas.

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