house tankIf you’ve just decided to switch to propane for your energy needs, or you’re looking for a new provider, you’ve landed on the right page. Lakes Gas will help you get started with a buying and delivery program that meets your specific needs.

The first thing we need to know: Do you own a tank already, or will you need to rent one from us?

Own Your Tank
If there’s already a tank on your property, you’re all set! We’ll estimate your propane usage and set up a delivery schedule that meets your needs.

Lease a Tank
If you need to lease a tank, Lakes Gas will help you decide which size you need based on your estimated usage. The amount of propane appliances you own, the size of your home, and the amount of people who live there are all factors we’ll take into account.

We’ll draft a lease agreement that includes the Lakes Gas Tank, the regulator, and outside equipment associated with the tank. Your signature on the agreement signifies you and Lakes Gas both understand what is involved in the rental agreement.

We’ll place your tank. Our experts know where tanks can and cannot be placed for safety reasons. We’ll find the best place on your property to place it.
Don’t worry about maintenance, it’s included in your lease at no cost to you!

Have questions? Ready to get started? Contact Lakes Gas.

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