Propane Leak losesNotice a leak on your outdoor propane tank?

According to Propane101, the first thing you need to do is picture a helium balloon being filled.

If the leak sounds anywhere like the hiss of a helium tank filling a party balloon, you should leave the area and call 9-1-1.

But most leaks don’t provide anywhere near the kind of pressure it takes to fill a balloon. And that means you’ll lose far less propane than you think. Most small leaks cause less than a gallon of lost propane over a long period of time.

But, as a consumer paying for that propane, it’s easy to think you’re losing way more gas when you can’t see what you’re using.

Think again of those party balloons. Each one holds a volume of about .5 cubic feet.
If you lost one gallon of propane, that’s equivalent to 73 party balloons full of propane. And remember, odds are you lost far less than that. Maybe 30 or 40 balloons. Barely enough for a decent party.

Think you lost 5 gallons of propane? That’s 364 party balloons.

Take a deep breath. You didn’t lose 364 party balloons full of propane unless there’s a major gash on your tank.

For more on leak-related propane loss, check out the Propane101 article.

When you picture how much propane is actually in your tank, you’re less likely to freak out about a little leak.

Want to learn more about leaks? Contact Lakes Gas.

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