Repair AppliancesIf you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you might think a propane appliance that’s on the fritz is no big challenge, and you can easily fix it yourself.

But according to, propane presents unique safety issues you may not be prepared to handle. Anything that involves opening up the appliance to alter its inner workings should be handled by a professional to avoid fire, injury, or permanent damage to the appliance.

A good rule of thumb is to call a professional for any repairs of propane appliances.

Your propane company may also need to ensure the gas supply to the appliance inlet is at the proper flow rate. So the appliance repair technician may have to work with your propane company during the repair process. In this case, it’s best to put the repair technician on the phone directly with the propane company’s customer service department. If you attempt to relay their information to him, a lot could get lost in translation. Your safety could depend on information you didn’t correctly pass along.

Have questions about repairs involving your propane system? Contact Lakes Gas today.

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