Propane Green gas oneIf you’re looking for a green solution to your energy needs, look no further than propane. It’s not hazardous to the environment if released as a vapor or liquid. And unlike gasoline, a large-scale propane spill has no lasting effects beyond freezing organisms it touches.

Here are some more environmentally friendly facts about propane, courtesy of

  • Propane is not classified as a greenhouse gas.
  • Propane does not damage freshwater or saltwater plant or animal life.
  • It won’t harm soil if spilled on the ground.
  • Propane will not cause harm to drinking water supplies.
  • Its vapor will not cause air pollution.
  • Propane vapor is not harmful if accidentally inhaled by birds, animals or people.
  • Propane will only cause bodily harm if it comes in contact with the skin in its liquid form.

So go ahead, power your life with propane knowing you won’t be harming the environment.

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