cypress photo slide 001 5c492397 1b86 497e 8dc1 57291218baa6 grandeTiny houses are gaining popularity. TV shows like FYI Network’s “Tiny House Nation” and HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” are inspiring more people to go small - in houses about 400 square feet or less, often on wheels.

Tiny house devotees love the freedom and flexibility of smaller spaces. They can bring their house with them wherever they go, spend less money than they would on a mortgage or rent, customize their house to their needs and lifestyle, and live with fewer material possessions.

And tiny houses almost always rely on propane for powering daily activities. It’s inexpensive, easy to store, and- most importantly- portable.

So if you’re tempted to go tiny, here are some tips from the blog Tiny House Basics, written by Shelley and Joshua, a married couple who built their 374-square foot tiny house in 7 days with the help of the “Tiny House Nation” TV show crew.

Store It
Shelley and Joshua store their 10-gallon propane tank and water heater in a small cupboard attached to the exterior of their tiny home. It conceals their tank while protecting it from the elements and keeping it easily accessible for refilling. As storing propane inside your home could be hazardous, this is a great solution.

Track Your Usage
The couple keep a log on their tank detailing the date and amount of every fill-up, as well as the cost, so they know how much propane they are using and how much it’s costing them.

Make Changes
Tracking your propane usage allows you to change it. That’s what Shelley and Joshua did when they saw how much propane they were using each month with just one task-boiling water for coffee. They switched to an electric kettle to use less propane and conserve the fuel for hot showers and cooking. So far, they said, the switch is working well.

Be Safe
Shelley and Joshua had professionals handle the propane gas line installation. If you’re thinking about building your own tiny house, you should follow suit. And before you move in, brush up on safety guidelines so you know how to react if there’s a leak.

For more on tiny houses, read the Tiny House Basics blog.

Need a fill-up? Contact Lakes Gas.

Image courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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