puppy20watetankWe love how propane powers our everyday activities in an earth-friendly, economical way.

But let’s face it, the tanks used to store it aren’t exactly beautiful.

So how can you use propane without an ugly tank ruining your curb appeal?

As we’ve said before, painting it to match your house might not be a great idea. Dark colors can absorb more sunlight, and cause the gas inside to expand, which could lead to leaks.

But don’t worry, there are tons of other options for concealing your tank.

Covers come in two basic types: those that disguise your tank and those that decorate it.

Large Tanks
Most options for large tanks are meant to conceal. You could turn it into a huge rock, with RockOn propane covers. Or blend it into the landscape with Ugly Tank Covers. They’re made right here in Minnesota and were created by Lakes Gas customers Fred and Ann Silloway. If you do camouflage your tank, just be sure it is visible for deliveries and emergencies. A brightly-colored banner on top is discrete but will ensure the people who need to find your tank can do so.

Small Tanks
With small tanks, you can get more practical. This cover from Woodland Direct doubles as an end table and you’d never know what’s hiding underneath. This one from Real Flame looks like a tiny chimney sticking out of your yard. And covers from Bottle Skinz let you support your favorite team or display your love of puppies. Just remember to store the tank away from the sun if you’re wrapping it in a dark-colored fabric.

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