Propane Kid SafetyPropane is very safe to use. But it comes with its own unique safety guidelines. And it’s important to teach those to children, if you’re going to use propane around them. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Establish Rules
Make sure your kids know that propane tanks are not toys. They shouldn’t touch them or play near them. And they should stand back while an adult is using a propane grill to avoid a fire hazard.

Store it Safely
That means outside. If there’s a leak, propane can build up inside your home or garage. So keep it in a well-ventilated area. Let your kids know to tell an adult if they see a propane tank stored inside.

Mind the Smell
Propane has a distinct smell, something like rotten eggs. Teach kids if they smell propane, there’s likely a leak and they should tell an adult immediately.

Have a Plan
Teach your kids what to do if there’s a leak. They should exit the house and tell an adult to call 911. You may also want to have an agreed upon meeting place, like a nearby park, far enough away to avoid danger, but close enough for everyone to get to.

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