Refill or Exchange Lakes GasWhen your large propane tank is running low, you know to contact Lakes Gas to schedule a delivery. But when your smaller 20 lb. cylinder runs out, you have choices.

Small tanks can either be refilled or exchanged for a new tank. But the option you choose normally depends on the age and condition of your tank.

Your tank will have a date stamped on top of it. This is the date it was certified. Propane suppliers generally will not refill a tank that has been certified more than 12 years ago. This ensures that your tank has the latest safety measures and does not have leaks, punctures, or other safety hazards.

If your tank was certified less than 12 years ago, the propane supplier will check it for these hazards before refilling it. A rusted or punctured tank cannot be refilled.

Both options are easy for the customer and involve taking your tank to the supplier. This way, you can be sure the tank you’re using is safe.

To learn more about tank expiration dates, read our blog post on the topic.

Need more propane? Contact us.

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