Propane Facts LakesPop Quiz: What’s the most important part of your propane system?

You probably said the tank, right?

That’s what most people would say, but according to the website Propane101, which is run by propane dealers, the heart of any propane system is the regulator.

Propane regulators control the flow of propane gas and stabilize pressure from the tank to the appliance. Here are some things to know about regulators.

They Make Noise
If you hear a humming noise, don’t worry. Properly functioning regulators often make a soft humming noise.

There are Different Types
Using the wrong kind of regulator for your system can cause the whole system to malfunction. If you need to replace yours, consult your propane company.

They Need Protection
Regulators are normally installed under the tank dome with the vent pointed down. This prevents rain, ice, bugs and other debris from getting in the regulator. If yours is not protected by the tank dome or pointed down, you can cut an empty milk bottle to fit over it until you can correct its placement.

For more information about regulators, go to Propane101.

Need to buy more propane? Contact Lakes Gas.

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