Lakes Grilling SeptWhen September rolls around, crispy leaves and Back to School sales signal fall. Even though fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, the beginning of the month has plenty of us cozying up in hoodies and jeans and gearing up for football.

But this New York Times article reminds us that September is actually a perfect time for grilling.

The cooler air is great for cooking foods that take more time on the grill, it asserts. Like leg of lamb, for which it gives a delicious-sounding recipe and some handy tips.

As we’ve mentioned before, turkey is also well-suited for the grill, whether it’s your Thanksgiving bird, or a breast for a weekday dinner.

So take advantage of the beautiful weather. Grill up one of these longer-cooking cuts of meat and invite some friends over for a grill-centric dinner party. Find more innovative recipes here, courtesy of Happy grilling!

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