Though propane is usually cheaper than most other fuels, the price can change unexpectedly. A propane shortage caused by the closing of a prominent pipeline caused price hikes nationwide in 2013 and 2014. Increased exporting of propane and colder-than-usual winters can also cause prices to rise.Save Money Image

So, how should you cope with rising prices?

The best defense is preparation. Here are some ways to get ready and keep your prices low.

Use Less

It’s not rocket science. If you use less propane, you pay less. And if you’re on our pre-buy program, your purchased gallons last longer. Energy-efficient appliances can help you conserve propane, so your energy dollars last longer.

Here are some more handy tips about how to save propane from Purdue University’s Agriculture Department.

Buy at the Right Time

Our sales representatives may not see a Polar Vortex or a pipeline shutdown coming, but they are familiar with seasonal price fluctuations. Talk to us about the best time to buy to take advantage of lower market prices.

Keep Your Tanks Full

It’s best to fill up before cold weather hits. Not only will you stay toasty during the first snowstorm of the season, you’ll avoid being charged for emergency fill-ups.

Have more questions about saving money on propane? Contact us.

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