When you first hear about tankless water heaters, you might be skeptical. Will you run out of hot water? Are you trading more storage space for icy morning showers?


Don’t worry. Propane-powered tankless water heaters actually solve the problems created by traditional water heaters. They provide an endless supply of hot water, so you can use the washing machine and dishwasher while taking a hot shower without running out of hot water.

So, how do they work?

These water heaters feature a flame so hot it heats water instantly as it flows through the system, without storing heated water. This can save you plenty of space —about 12 feet of floor space— without sacrificing your hot water supply.

Propane Minnesota does a great job of illustrating the entire process here.

Here are some other reasons a tankless water heater might be useful in your home.

  • Heats water only when needed
  • Saves more than $150 per year on energy costs when compared to traditional water heaters
  • Creates up to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional water heaters
  • New purchases may qualify for rebates, which can further increase your savings 

Thinking about a tankless water heater? Take Propane Minnesota’s handy quiz to find out which water heater is best for you.

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