Not sure what to give your wife for Christmas? Running out of time to find the perfect gift for your husband?

Propane Fireplace present

Have you thought about a propane-powered fireplace?

Today’s models feature realistic-looking faux flames and provide extra heat to keep you warm during our harsh winters. And with designs ranging from old-fashioned stoves to modern glass cases, there’s something to complement every room in your house.

Here are some other reasons you’ll love propane-powered fireplaces.

  • No need to chop, buy, carry or store firewood
  • Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel that burns clean
  • Some models feature added benefits, like remote control and adjustable thermostats
  • They can be installed anywhere, so you can make your garage, patio, or basement cozy

Read more about propane fireplaces on the Propane Minnesota website.

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