Frozen Pipe

In the Minnesota and Wisconsin area, we know winters can get pretty cold. So if you’re new to propane, you may be wondering if those frigid temperatures could freeze your propane system and appliances.

The answer is probably not. Propane freezes when the air around it drops to below -44 degrees Fahrenheit. While Minnesota has seen winter days as cold as -60 F, they’re not the norm.

But, let’s not tempt fate by saying we won’t get a day that cold. If it does happen, here’s some advice on how to prepare for it by The University of Alaska Fairbank’s Cooperative Extension

Shield and insulate your propane tank and lines.Just make sure the tank is in a well-ventilated area. Because of possible leaks, you shouldn’t move your tank inside even if the temperature is going to drop. The UAF article suggests an insulated frame shelter or loose snow piled around the tank. Whichever option you choose, it should allow ventilation and be a light color.

Try heat stripping. But use a product that is specifically designed for propane tanks.

Have more questions about using propane in cold weather? Contact us.

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