Know Your LevelAs temperatures fall, it becomes more important to keep your propane tank full so you can heat your home and run your appliances.
But how can you keep tabs on your propane supply?

You may have a propane gauge on your tank, but if you don’t, you still have options. Here are some pointers from CNET Magazine’s online edition.

Use Water

If you’re using a portable propane tank, you can use this handy trick to estimate how full it is.

  • Fill a cup with hot tap water.
  • Pour it down the sides of the tank
  • Run your hand along the side of the tank. You’ll feel a cool spot. That’s the fill level of the tank.

Weigh it

Here’s another trick for portable tanks. If you know how much your tank weighs when it’s empty, you can weigh it to find out how much propane you have. Most grill-size cylinders weigh about 17 lbs when empty and hold about 20 lbs of propane.

So if you weigh your tank and get a weight of 27 lbs, simply subtract the tank weight of 17 lbs, and you’ll know you have about 10 lbs left, or that is tank is about half full.

Track It

A gauge takes away all the guesswork by keeping track of how much propane you have at all times. And you can use a gauge for all size tanks, even the permanent one in your yard.

You can choose from inline, analog and digital gauges that range in price from $10 to $60.
See the full CNET article here.

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