Save moneyBy now, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times: You could be saving your business lots of money by switching to propane. But exactly how much you could save depends on many factors unique to your operation.

If only there was a way to tell exactly how big your savings could be before you make the switch…

Oh, but there is! In an answer to your propane prayers, the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), developed a suite of user-friendly tools to help you calculate savings when you use propane in irrigation engines, commercial mowers, and to power your fleet.

Best of all? The calculators go where you go. You can download them to your phone, use them on your desktop, or — if you’re a traditionalist — you can even print out a good-old-fashioned paper worksheet.

Try it for yourself on the PERC website.

Ready to make the switch? Contact Lakes Gas. We’ll help you determine the propane needs for your business.

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