Image of ice fishingFebruary means folks are enjoying the last weeks of ice fishing before warmer weather sets in. But if you’re out on the ice for hours, you’ll need a heat source, even if you’re in an ice shanty. Here are some things to consider when you buy a portable propane heater for ice fishing.


There are two kinds of space heaters that can be used indoors: vented and unvented. Vented heaters are connected to the outside air through an exhaust vent. Unvented models are not. Ice fisherman use both, but because of the risk of potentially lethal carbon monoxide buildup, special precautions must be taken with unvented heaters. You’ll have to situate it near an open window and keep usage down to less than four hours at a time. You’ll also need a model with an oxygen depletion sensor to let you know when your air quality is getting dangerous. Because of these restrictions, and the risk failing to follow them produces, many industry experts argue against using unvented space heaters at all.


Ice fishing newbies may be concerned that a heater will cause the ice under the shanty to melt, quickly turning their ice fishing trip into an extraordinarily cold swim. But not to worry. It would take almost two days for a heater to melt even one inch of solid ice. Check out the formula this Minnesota ice fisherman used to prove it.


A bigger shanty needs a bigger heater. Check the specifications of the heater before you buy it. It should tell you the square footage of the spaces it can heat. That way, you won’t get caught out in the cold.

Need more propane? Contact Lakes Gas.

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