PropaneIf you’re a longtime propane user, you probably know what propane smells like. The rotten egg, skunky odor is added by propane companies so you can detect a leak. And you’ve probably told everyone else in your home how to recognize the smell and how to react when they do.

That’s all good, but according to Propane Gas Association of New England, it may not be enough.

Several factors, ranging from having a cold to being in a room with competing smells, can make it harder to pick up the odor. And a phenomenon known as odor loss can stop there from being any odor to pick up at all.

Odor loss is when propane loses its odor. It can result from:

  • Air, water, or rust contamination in the propane tank
  • An underground propane leak. Propane odor can be diffused when it travels through soil.
  • Propane odor “sticking” to the inside of the pipes it travels through.

Because you may not always smell a propane leak, it’s important to take extra precautions. React immediately to even the faintest propane odor. It may be more severe, or longer-lasting, than you know. And install a propane gas detector in your home. It will pick up on any leaks your nose misses.

Have a propane question, or need to odor more propane? Contact us.

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