where does propane come fromHere’s something you might not know about propane — despite its growing popularity as an inexpensive, environmentally friendly fuel, it’s not created purposefully. It’s actually a byproduct created when crude oil and natural gas are processed.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not plentiful. An increased focus on green energy has created higher demand for natural gas, which in turn means increased propane supplies. Propane produced by crude oil is on the decline as demand for crude oil shrinks.


Currently, North American propane supplies are more than enough to meet the demand and the U.S. and export propane to other countries, according to Propane Education and Research Council (PERC).

So what does that mean for you? By powering your home with propane from a reliable propane gas company, you’re using a plentiful, affordable fuel that is produced in the U.S. That means every time you refill your tank, you’re supporting the U.S. economy. And it also means supply is not dependent on unstable overseas economies.

Want to learn more about propane? Go to the Propane Education and Research Council’s website, Propane.com.

Need to order more propane? Contact us.

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