earth dayThis Earth Day, April 22nd, you may be wondering how you can help keep the Earth clean and beautiful for generations to come.

If you’re using propane, you’re already taking steps toward that goal.

Propane is a green, environmentally friendly source of energy. Here are some fast facts from

  • Propane is not classified as a greenhouse gas.
  • It’s not harmful to freshwater or saltwater ecosystems, underwater plant or marine life.
  • Propane won’t harm soil if it is spilled on the ground.
  • Propane will not damage drinking water.
  • Propane vapor doesn’t cause air pollution.
  • Propane vapor is not harmful if it is accidentally inhaled by wildlife or people.
  • Propane will only cause bodily harm if liquid propane comes in contact with skin.

So celebrate the Earth by using propane: a safe, green fuel.

Need more propane? Contact us.

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