Dont run out of propane image2Getting low on propane? It’s important to call us for a refill immediately. Running out of propane isn’t just inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. You should refill your tank before your propane level falls below 10 percent.

Here are some safety hazards associated with an empty tank, courtesy of the Propane Gas Association of New England:

  • Leaks could occur if an appliance valve or gas line is left open with no propane supply and then is refilled with propane.
  • Air or moisture could get into an empty tank, causing rust buildup. This can decrease the concentration of propane odor, making it hard to smell propane in the event of a leak.
  • When your propane runs out, your pilot lights will go out, which could be extremely dangerous if not properly handled. Read our post about pilot lights for more information.

The best way to avoid running out of propane is to set up regular deliveries from a reliable propane gas company. Lakes Gas has a variety of buying programs to make sure you always have the propane you need. And we make it easy to request a delivery when you start to run low.

Need more propane? Contact us.

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