gasleakThink you may have a leak in your propane tank connections? Here’s how to check it out.

Fill a water bottle with a solution of dish soap and water.

Spray a sharp stream of water onto the connections. A wider stream won’t provide enough coverage.

Spread the solution around with a sponge if you need to cover a larger area.

Look for bubbles. If you see them, there’s a leak.

Assess the leak. Usually small bubbles mean a small leak and larger bubbles mean a larger leak.

If You Find a Leak

First, don’t panic. Small leaks are common and usually result in only a small loss of propane.

Don’t try to fix it yourself. Tightening screws on the face gauge can stop the leak, but it could also destroy the gauge. So if you find a leak, call Lakes Gas immediately and tell us about the leak. We’ll make arrangements to take care of it.

If the leak is especially large, or you smell gas, call 911.

Need to order more propane? Contact us.

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