realistic propaneWarm weather can be tricky when it comes to budgeting for propane usage. It can be easy to accurately plan for a cold winter but underestimate your needs for the summer. Maybe you forgot about all the propane-powered appliances you normally use this season. Or maybe you’re staring at your usage meter in confusion, thinking you must have a leak because there’s no way you could have used so much.

As points out, unexpected cold snaps during the periods where weather is normally warm can cause you to use much more propane than normal, and leave you confused when you look at your usage.


The website offers a handy guide for calculating your summer propane usage. It’s important to consider everything your propane is fueling in the summer. For most people, that’s your cooking appliances, water heaters, and clothes dryers. You’re probably not using any of these at 100 percent capacity all day long. So the site estimates propane usage for running them at 25 and 50 percent capacity for 2 to 6 hours a day. When those factors were considered, estimated propane usage ranged from 1.2 gallons a day to 7.2 gallons a day. When you look at the calculations, it can be easy to see how a few extra loads of laundry and hot showers could result in using much more propane than you think.

So if you suspect a leak because you’ve done a leak test, or smell an odor, call 911 immediately. But if you think there’s a leak because you can’t believe the usage numbers you’re seeing, consider those long showers and extra laundry loads before you react.
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