Fotolia 78437461 Subscription Monthly XXLAre you hearing a hissing noise coming from your propane tank? It may not be a leak. Here are some other situations that can cause that noise, according to

An Open Bleeder Valve

The fixed liquid level gauge, commonly called the bleeder valve, is opened by a technician during propane deliveries. Sometimes, it may not be completely closed after a delivery. If this is why you hear the hissing noise, simply turn the gauge clockwise to securely close it.

A Relief Valve Actuating


On very hot days, the safety relief valve may open to allow excess pressure to vent. You’ll see an open cap over the valve. This is the purpose of the relief valve. When propane is heated it expands, and the valve is designed to open to release the pressure. If you see an open relief valve, don’t touch it. You could cause it to completely open, which could damage the mechanism. Just spray the tank with some cold water to cool it down, and the valve will close on its own.

If you hear a hissing noise for a reason we haven’t covered here, perform a leak test. If you smell gas, call 9-1-1 immediately.

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