cookoutThis summer, you’ll probably be firing up the grill as often as you can. But nothing’s worse than turning it on to find you’re completely out of propane. Unless everyone likes their burgers extra rare, you’re gonna need to make a run to a propane dealer before you can cook them.

So the smart thing to do is to make sure you have enough propane before you toss anything on the grill. Here are a few easy ways to do that.

Use a Gauge

Most people are familiar with electronic gauges, but there are many kinds available to help you determine how much propane you have. Inexpensive adhesive guage strips can tell you where the temperature on the tank changes, indicating where the propane line is. Or you could spring for a fancy ultrasonic tool that will tell you the same thing.

Weigh Your Tank

If you don’t have a gauge, there are some low-tech solutions you can try. An empty propane cylinder weighs about 18.5 pounds. So pop your tank onto your bathroom scale and subtract 18.5 pounds. That’ll tell you how much propane you have. An average grill uses about a pound and a half of propane an hour. So some simple math will tell you if you need to get a refill.

Get Your Tank Wet

Not great with numbers? Here’s the easiest trick of all. Fill up a bucket with warm water. Toss it on the side of the tank, so it’s wet from top to bottom. Then put your hand on the side of the tank. It will feel cooler where there is no propane. That will let you know how full your tank is.

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