GeneratorSummer weather isn’t all sunshine. It can bring thunderstorms and tornadoes, both of which can cause power outages. And outages are on the rise in recent years, leaving many residential electricity customers without power for long stretches.

So if you’re reliant on electricity, you need some backup. Here are some reasons you may want to look into a propane-powered generator, courtesy of Propane Education and Research Council.

They can be permanently installed and supplied by an above or below-ground tank. That lets the generator kick on automatically as soon as ten seconds after the power goes down, so you can continue to use your appliances without interruption.

Propane lasts a long time. It won’t degrade like diesel or gasoline, so you can forget about it until you need it.

They’re quiet. Most propane-powered converters are about as loud as a normal conversation.

They’re available in many sizes. So you can find the one that fits your needs. Most can handle your home’s energy needs for days.

Need more propane? Contact us.

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