digDoing some digging this weekend?

Not so fast. You can’t see them, but propane and other utility lines are buried all around. And even planting a garden can disturb them. So before you pick a shovel, pick up a phone.

Minnesota law requires homeowners or contractors to notify utility line owners before they dig. They can do this by calling Gopher State One Call (GSOC) at 8-1-1, or at GopherStateOneCall.org. GSOC can be contacted up to 14 days before a dig.

According to the GSOC website, here’s what you should do before you dig.

  1. Have the information about your dig site handy when you call or contact GSOC. You will be required to give detailed driving directions to the excavation site and marking instructions for the specific area where locates are needed.
  2. Use white markings to indicate the area of proposed digs.
  3. Contact GSOC at least two days before you dig to provide the information to complete a locate ticket.
  4. When your locate ticket is complete, you will be given a ticket number and a list of facility operators with underground lines near your dig site. Write down your ticket number and the facility operators/contract locators so you can track which facility owners have responded to your one-call request. |
  5. If you don’t provide GSOC with the required information, GSOC may reject your request until you do so. So it’s best to plan well before you dig

Learn more here.
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