propane grain dryerWhat’s the only piece of equipment farmers trust to replace their tried-and-true propane grain dryers?

A dryer from the newest generation of propane grain dryers.

Results from the Propane Education and Research Council’s 2014 Propane Farm Incentive Program found these new dryers are the top choice for farmers for drying grain.

Here’s some of the features they loved:

The new dryers are more efficient than ever. They use about half the propane of older systems, which were already efficient. A new dryer uses approximately 1,650 BTUs to remove a pound of water, compared with older technology that takes as much as 3,500 BTUs.

Propane dryers are environmentally friendly. 50% of participants listed this as a reason they chose a new propane dryer. And with technological advances, today’s models are even “greener” than before.

Propane dryers are cost efficient to run. 80% of participants factored that in when choosing a dryer. New dryers are designed to be longer-lasting, with less maintenance, helping you save even more money.

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