propaneIn the last two years, heat pumps have undergone a big makeover. Federal standards implemented in 2015 mandated higher levels of heating and cooling efficiency.

But if you’re thinking of switching from propane to one of these newer heat pumps, think again.

Even with the new standards, a high-efficiency propane furnace is still your best bet. When coupled with a standard air conditioning system, it still saves you more money than a heat pump.

Here are the details, courtesy of a Propane Education and Research Council fact sheet.

Lower Up-Front Costs

A new heat pump system costs about 20 percent more than the typical price of a propane furnace, including installation. (The study used a 92 AFUE propane furnace with a 13 SEER central A/C system.)

More Comfortable Heat

When it comes to heating, comfort is king. And in a study by Newport Partners, LLC., heat pumps produced less-than-comfortable household temperatures 60 percent of the time, while propane consistently produced comfortable temperatures in all climate zones.

More Environmentally Friendly

Newer heat pumps may be more efficient, but that doesn’t make them any “greener.” They’re generally powered by coal-based plants, which produce far more CO2 than propane.

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