Fotolia 145635445 Subscription Monthly LFall means brightly colored leaves, crisp air and fun activities like apple picking and hayrides.

But it also means winter is just around the corner.

Here are some tips to keep your propane tank safe this snowy season.

  1. Mark Your Tank.  In Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, we expect huge snowfalls during the winter. And a lot of snow can bury your tank. If it’s not visible, it could be hit by a delivery truck, which could cause a leak. So attach a brightly colored flag to the top so you know where it is at all times. Clear away snow. It’s another way to make sure your tank is always visible. Use something soft, like a broom, to sweep snow off the tank. A shovel or other sharp object might puncture the tank.
  2. Clear a path. Here’s where the shovel comes in. Dig a path to your tank. If technicians can’t get to your tank, they can’t refill it.
  3. Check your levels. Make sure you’ve got enough propane before a big snow storm. Some storms can cause delivery delays. If your levels are at about a quarter of a tank or lower, contact your local Lakes Gas immediately for a delivery.

A little preparation can help keep you safe and cozy all winter long. Have questions? Give us a call.

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