AdobeStock 95165364Commercial trucks are the backbone of our economy. Almost everything you buy was at some point transported by one.
And more than ever before, those trucks are being fueled by propane.

A recent article explores the growth of propane-powered commercial vehicles in the last couple years.

Here are some takeaways:

Sales are hitting all-time highs.

Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for Michigan-based propane fuel system manufacturer Roush CleanTech, said in the article that orders for 2018 and beyond have hit record highs. The company has recently filled orders for such big-name brands as NestleĢ Waters North America, which recently added 155 propane-powered trucks to its fleet.

School buses lead the way.

As covered in this recent blog post, school districts across the country have been switching to propane-powered buses for years. The food and beverage industry has also embraced propane to fuel delivery trucks.

More users means more options.

As propane has become more popular as an auto fuel, manufacturers have responded with more conversion options to improve the ease of use. Ford recently introduced a saddle-mount tank option for its F-550 truck that eliminates the need to extend the cab axles to use propane autogas. Other automakers are rolling out similar options as well.

Companies love propane for the same reasons homeowners do.

Propane’s green fuel status, domestic production and low cost were all noted in the article as reasons for its popularity in commercial trucks, along with other perks like reduced fueling time and maintenance costs.

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