snowstormThe snowy season is here. And if you use propane, it’s a good time to make sure you’re prepared for the next snowfall before it happens. Here are some easy steps from

Have Enough

Check your tank levels before a storm. If you’re low, give us a call for a fill-up. You don’t want to run out when the roads are covered and deliveries are delayed.

Use it Wisely

Who knows how long the storm could last? It’s best to conserve the propane you do have, so you know you have enough to last until the snow has died down and roads are cleared. This is no time to crank up the heat and break out the bathing suits. Set your programmable thermostat to as low as possible. You can set it lower at night or when no one is home. Make up the difference with a few extra layers of warm clothing.

Keep it Clear

Bust out the shovel and make sure there’s a clear path to the tank for easy filling. And while you’re at it, clear chimneys, flues, and outdoor vents to prevent blocking ventilation and protect against CO2 poisoning. After the snow stops, use a broom to clear ice from the piping and tubes of your propane tank.

React Quickly If You Smell Gas

Turn off your appliances, extinguish any flames or smoking materials, and get everyone out of the house. If it’s safe, shut off the main gas supply valve by turning it to the right. Call your propane supplier and 9-1-1 and don’t return to the home until the authorities tell you it’s safe.

Keep Outdoor Appliances Outdoors

Even if you lose power, don’t bring your gas grill, propane tank, outdoor generator, or other propane appliances inside unless they’re expressly designed to be used indoors. Using them without proper ventilation could cause deadly CO2 poisoning.

For more information, watch the safety video.
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