propane tank in the snowAround here, the weather can change in an instant. And we never really know when Mother Nature has more snow in store. So here are some propane safety tips to keep in mind during a snowstorm, courtesy of

Keep Your Tank Full

A snowstorm could delay your delivery, so be sure to fill up when you hear one’s headed to town.


Use Energy Wisely

This isn’t the time to jump in your swim trunks and crank up the heat. Because of possible delivery delays, it’s best to conserve energy so you don’t run out. Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable and throw on a sweater instead.

Clear Off Snow

Shovel a path to your tank so delivery technicians can get there to fill it up. And be sure to clear snow from the tank and any appliances for adequate ventilation.

React Quickly If You Smell Gas

Call 9-1-1 or your propane company and clear the area until you’re told it’s safe to return.

Read more safety tips from hereNeed more propane? Contact us.

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