AdobeStock 81496716Spring is just around the corner, and that means taking your lawnmower out of its winter retirement. But this year, you may want to consider buying a propane-powered model or converting your existing mower into a propane model using an EPA-certified conversion kit. Here are some reasons why:

They’re green. According to a Popular Science article, propane-powered mowers can release up to 26 percent fewer greenhouse gases and 60 percent less carbon monoxide than gas-powered mowers.


They’re easy to fuel. They take 16 oz cannisters of propane, which last for about 90 minutes of mowing, up to 40 percent longer than the same amount of gas would last in a traditional mower.

They’re versatile. Propane-powered mowers are available in stand-up, riding, and stand-on models, so you’re sure to find the right kind for your yard or landscaping company.

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