Opening your summer cabinIt’s finally time to open your summer digs. And whether you spend the season in an RV, cottage, or a second home, you still have to get it ready before you spend any length of time there.

Look around. Plenty can happen over the winter. So, before you even set foot inside, inspect the area around the home. Look for anything that’s out of place: fallen branches someone might trip over, broken windows that need to be fixed, signs of vandalism or attempted break-in, or anything else that doesn’t seem right. And do the same once you get inside, too.

Air it out. Open windows throughout the property. It won’t just help alleviate any musty smells that may be present, it will provide ventilation if there are any leaks.


Check your levels. Make sure you have enough propane for cooking, heating, grilling, or whatever you plan to use it for. If you need more, give us a call.

Test your system. A lot can happen over the winter. So, before you use any propane-powered appliances, inspect the propane tank, connections and hoses for signs of wear. Then, using a soapy water solution applied liberally to the tank, hoses, and connections, check for leaks. If you see bubbles, you’ve got leaks, and will need to replace the parts before using your tank.

Schedule an inspection. We recommend propane systems be inspected at least every five years. If it’s been a while since you’ve had one, call us to schedule one so you can enjoy your summer without wondering about your system’s safety. Other good reasons for an inspection include: any changes or maintenance to your system, any new propane appliances, or any odd smells or leaks.

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