thunderThis time of year, the weather can turn bad instantly. One second, you’re out enjoying the pool, the next you’re running inside to wait out the rain.

And sometimes, that rain can be accompanied by potentially dangerous thunderstorms, which could cause power outages, fires, and flooding. To stay safe this summer, follow these steps, courtesy of

Have a Plan

In the event of a thunderstorm or other emergency, everyone in your house should know what to do. So, create a list with emergency contacts, including your propane company, fire department, and other important numbers and post it where everyone can see it. You should also review and post instructions on how to turn off your propane, electricity, and water, should you need to.

Get a Detector

Damage from a thunderstorm could affect your propane systems and result in a leak. Invest in propane gas and carbon monoxide detectors for added peace of mind.

Turn Off the Gas

In the event of a flood, turn off the propane, presuming it is safe to do so. Close the valve by turning it clockwise. Then, turn off the gas supply valves located on your appliances. If it does not seem safe to do so, contact your gas company or fire department.

Check for Damage

After the storm clears, check for damaged propane tanks, lines, or appliances. If you need light, rely on flashlights, never candles, as they could cause a fire hazard. If you see any damage, report it to your propane company or fire department immediately. Do not attempt repairs yourself.

For more thunderstorm safety tips, read the entire article.

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