Image of all the money you could save with propane.Propane is good for the environment and your wallet. And it can be used from anything to heating your home, grilling your burgers, and fueling your children’s ride to school.

Here are some ways you can save with propane.

Save the Planet

Propane has lots of environmental benefits. Propane equipment is 20-30% more efficient than comparable oil heat equipment. And propane vapor isn’t toxic to humans or animals when breathed. Add that to its listing as an approved clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act, and it paints a pretty “green” picture of the environmentally friendly fuel.

Save Money

Propane is usually cheaper than most fuels. But you can save even more with the Coupons and Rebates available on our website. Check it out and see how you can save.

Save Jobs

Propane is made in America, and the propane industry employs about 145,000 workers across the U.S. Every time you pay your propane bill or refill your 20 lb. cylinder, you’re keeping jobs in America.

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