Image of propane burners from Lakes Gas.We know you hate to think of it during this beautiful season, but winter will be here before you know it. And before the temperatures drop, you may want to get your propane system checked to ensure a safe, efficient heating source during the cold weather.
When you schedule a propane system inspection with Lakes Gas, you get:

  • Expert inspection of all your gas appliances.
  • A leak test on your entire system.
  • Inspection of all the valves and gauges within your system.

After the inspection, you’ll know how your system works, and how to turn it off, should you need to. You’ll also know how propane smells, and how to react if you notice a leak.
It only takes an hour or two, but you’ll get valuable know-how and peace-of-mind that will last far beyond the winter.
Schedule your inspection now.

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