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If you’re new to propane, you may have some questions about trying it. Not to worry, our highly skilled propane professionals will answer any questions you have along the way. And here are a few common ones that may be on your mind.

What is propane?

Sometimes called liquefied petroleum gas, propane is made in the United States as a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Stored as a liquid, it’s nontoxic, colorless, odorless, and recognized as a green fuel.

What is propane used for?

There are many uses for propane. In homes, it heats air and water, grills burgers, dries clothes, and powers lawnmowers and appliances. On farms, it dries grain, fuels farm vehicles, and heats water to sanitize dairy operations. It also powers vehicles on the road and has a variety of uses in industry.

Is propane dangerous?

Like many things you use around the house, propane has some risks. But propane companies do everything they can to minimize them. A smell is added to propane so users can detect a leak and act quickly, by calling their propane company, or 9-1-1. When proper safety precautions are followed, propane is a safe, efficient way to power your everyday life.

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