Image of lakes gas customer and a propane tank.How do you use propane? Maybe it heats your home or grills your burgers. Maybe it runs the buses your children take to school every day. Perhaps it powers vehicles, dries grain, and heats water to keep your farm operation running smoothly.

Whatever your favorite uses for propane, there are more you could be exploring. And when you do, you’ll enjoy clean, affordable energy in other aspects of your life.

Here are some other uses for propane to look in to.


You might not think “propane” when you think of an outdoor fire, but the Camp Chef Compact Fire Ring changes that. It’s easy to take wherever you want a campfire, and it erases the worry of having dry firewood on hand.


From woodworking and welding to finishing off a homemade crème Brulee, a handheld propane torch has a litany of everyday uses for the creative type.


Propane-powered weed tools, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers are an efficient and handy alternative to gas-powered outdoor tools.

On the Job

Propane-powered forklifts are more powerful, efficient, and cleaner-running than their electric and diesel counterparts.

At Home

From cooking and washing to fireplaces and laundry, propane appliances can replace nearly all your traditional home appliances.
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