Image of food cooked with propane at a tailgate.It’s that time again. The return of football means the return of tailgating. Here are some safety tips to keep the party going without risking injuries or illness.

Check Your Equipment

You’ll probably be packing a propane grill. But before you head out, make sure it’s safe. Check the hose and connections for leaks and make sure to read the grill’s owner’s manual and follow the safety guidelines in them. And don’t forget to bring along a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. It’s better to have them on hand and not use them than need them and not have them.

Store it Safely

Don’t just toss your tank in the back of your pickup truck. It could bounce around, causing dangerous punctures and dents. Make sure it’s secured in an upright position the whole ride there.

Light it Correctly

Be sure to open your grill before lighting it. Lighting it with the lid closed could cause a fire hazard.

Keep Food Safe

Make sure your food is kept at the proper temperatures both in your cooler and after grilling. Find safe temperatures here. A meat thermometer is easy to pack and will help you determine if the food is being properly stored. If something smells off, or you think it may have gone bad, throw it out.

Need grilling ideas? Read our Lakes Gas Cookbook, full of favorite recipes from our staff.

Plan Ahead

Appoint designated drivers and assign party-goers to cars for trips to and from the tailgate area to ensure everyone gets home safely. 

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