Image of an outdoor propane heater.Fall is here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your outdoor areas. Propane can help keep you comfortable outdoors even as temperatures drop. Here are some ways to implement it.

Propane Heaters: These compact, inexpensive heaters can be set up on your patio to fight fall and early winter chills.

Firepits and fireplaces: Fall can still be warm enough to enjoy a bonfire outside, but with damper weather, it may be hard to find dry firewood. Propane-fueled firepits solve this issue, by eliminating the firewood and the dirty ash that often comes with it.

Pool and spa heaters: Feel like taking a dip even though the leaves are falling outside? A propane-fueled pool heater will keep your swim comfortable. 

Lighting: Fall means shorter days. But with propane torches and outdoor lighting, you can keep the outdoor party going longer.

Grills: With cooler temperatures and tailgating parties, some say fall is the perfect time to grill. And since propane grills are over 105 times more environmentally friendly than their charcoal counterparts, you won’t feel guilty about flipping those burgers.

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