Image of a large residential propane tank.When it comes to propane delivery, Lakes Gas has options. Choose how you’d like your propane delivered to you and rest assured knowing you’ll never run out.

Delivery options include:

Automatic Propane Delivery

The easiest option is automatic delivery. There’s no watching your tank or remembering to call for a refill. We'll do it for you. We track your consumption via our computer system using "heating degree days." The "heating degree day" is the demand for energy to heat your home daily, determined by the average of the day's high and low temperatures. So, when you start to run low, we'll automatically schedule a delivery to your home. That way, there’s no worrying about running out of propane.

Will-Call Delivery

Want more control over deliveries? Will-Call is for you. With Will-Call Delivery, you watch your own tank and when it reads 30%, you call or go online to schedule a delivery when you need it. We'll be out to deliver your propane within a 5-business-day window.

Skipping Deliveries

If you’re on automatic delivery, you can skip deliveries whenever you’d like. Just give us a call and let us know not to deliver. We’ll reschedule a better time for your next delivery. If you have Will-Call delivery, just call us when you’re ready for your next delivery.

Find more information about propane deliveries here. Have a question? Contact us.

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