Propane tank 300x197When you decide to start using propane, you have a choice. Do you want to own your tank or rent it? The decision may have been made for you if you’ve rented or bought a house with a propane tank on the property, but if not, there are a few things to consider.

Owning Your Tank

You own it outright, so you can paint it (just stick to a light color to prevent expansion of the gas).

Planning to rent or sell your home? You’re saving the next inhabitants a step.

You’ll have to ensure the tank is installed properly and maintained by a professional, which often costs more than the tank itself.

It can take many years to make up for the upfront costs that come with owning your tank.

Contact us for details.

Leasing Your Tank

Lakes Gas will maintain the tank and handle repairs.

Our tank leases include a high-pressure regulator and concrete blocks to mount your tank, at no cost to you with annual minimum usage met.

If you move, notify us of your new address so we can continue service at the new location.

Have questions about leasing or buying a tank? Contact us. 

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