beer propane 300 x 200Whether you’re on a farm or in a brewery, propane can power your small business.

A recent article on included interviews from owners of two small businesses, a brewery and a game bird farm, about how they use propane. Here are some of the benefits they mentioned.


Location, Location, Location

Both companies are located in small, rural communities in remote locations. Since a propane tank can be placed easily on any property, it’s a great option for areas where access to other energy sources may be limited.


Bolo Beer, the brewery mentioned in the article, uses propane in several ways. Inside its facility, propane hot water heaters provide hot water for its mash process and propane space heaters warm the taproom. Outside, propane-powered fire pits add ambience while keeping patrons cozy.
H&H Game Birds also uses propane in a variety of ways, from heating water for egg washing and general cleaning, to heating the barn through a propane-powered radiant hydronic heating system.


H&H Game Birds said their use of the radiant hydronic system safeguarded them against frequent power outages, which could be disastrous to their business.

“If we went with electric and we had a disaster or a scenario where the power had gone out, it would take a humongous generator to be able to keep up with our barn,” an H&H rep said. “It’s going to benefit me a lot by being able to radiate that heat if something goes wrong for several hours, as opposed to electric, where if something goes wrong, you look at extreme amounts of fatality in your birds.

For more, read the entire article.

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